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A journal on how to use discomfort to create 
a more adventurous and fulfilling life


Why seek discomfort?


It's not as if that sounds like something you would want to pursue... right? 

The fact is, seeking out comfort too much deflates our comfort zone and, therefore, makes us very sensitive to discomfort. Consequently, this limits us from growing as an individual and becoming the person we aspire to be.


This journal will teach you how to change your perspective on discomfort and how to use it to your advantage. This includes personalized challenges, reflection exercises, and learning about topics like happiness, habit formation, mindfulness, and Stoicism.


Will you accept this challenge and break free from the constraints of your comfort zone?

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Explore your comfort zones

 Everybody is unique in what they find uncomfortable - Discover the boundaries of your comfort zones

Create your challenges 

Create personalized challenges that will have the biggest impact on your personal growth

Learn about yourself

Get to know yourself on a deeper and more fundamental level

Live more freely 

Break free from your fears to live a more adventurous and fulfilling life!

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Order now on Amazon:


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